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One role of the stylist is to advise the rest of the creative team, including the photographer. The stylist (or art director for large, commercial shoots) is the one that prepares the setting of the scene so if something doesn’t look right, the stylist needs to speak up and rearrange whatever it is that doesn’t fit. It is their job to advise the photographer, model and anyone else on a project so that everything is able to come together and look perfect.

Apart from setting the scene and mood, the stylist also has to make sure they can get the clothing for the shoot. Weeks, if not months, prior to the shoot, the stylist is responsible for seeking out the clothing that will be used in the shoot. If you are shooting for smaller brands or start-up companies, this may be much simpler, but if you are shooting for high-end fashion companies and other well-renowned businesses, you will need to be able to negotiate and hustle for some clothing if you want it in your shoot. Sourcing clothes can be one of the hardest parts of styling. You have a lot of different options when trying to source clothing and no matter what method they use to obtain the clothes for the shoot/event they keep one goal in mind – get the clothes. If there are no clothes provide by the company for the stylist they have the option to reach out to a specific fashion house or brand and ask them to borrow the clothing or the stylist will visit the company’s showroom and select the items they would like to use for their shoot. Another alternative when working with personal clients or celebrities would be to shop with the client or use clothing that the client already owns and style it for them. Regardless, this can be tricky and time consuming, but for an experienced stylist, this is where you will thrive.

Once the stylist been approved to use a fashion house or brand’s clothing, they will need to select the specific clothes for the shoot. Are they looking for dark, eerie clothing or vibrant, colorful clothing? Many times stylists will use mood boards or creative direction boards to help them hold their ideas together and give direction to the shoot. Using these ideas, the stylist will use their creativity and imagination to piece together perfectly planned outfits with model, location and setting in mind.​ 

Responsibilities of a Wardrobe Stylist

By: Amanda Styles

Stylists do much more than just pick out clothing. They have significant roles in making a successful campaigns come together and work to help facilitate the relationship with photographers and their models. Stylists work in various capacities on editorial shoots, commercials, fashion shows, events and personal styling. Of course, the main job for the stylist is to select clothing and actually take care of the styling, but what else do stylists really take care of?